Meet the Owner

Hey, girl heeyyyy!!!!! I’m Naomi. I’m known across social media as the Style Connoisseur. I’m a beauty professional of more than 15 years, a professionally trained Style Coach and Personal Stylist and THEE very proud owner of THIS boutique- N’Vyd Style! I’m a lover of Christ, a professional businesswoman, and a person that’s been deemed as one who has “style like none other”.
No, seriously, I am. You can read it here: (see page 11)

After spending 20+ years in the corporate world, I decided to eat, sleep, and breathe in the very thing that sets my heart on fire. What is that you ask? A Personal Style Expert/Coach and Boutique Owner….and I haven’t looked back yet!

I believe that your style personality and lifestyle should mesh AND that it shouldn’t be compromised for comfort. When I launched N’Vyd Style- an online boutique for the everyday woman, I knew that I wanted to provide looks that are cute, comfortable, affordable, and versatile. And, that’s exactly what I did.

My clients range from professional, on-the-go women to highly sought out Journalist and entrepreneurs. I have always believed that fashion should be fun and your personal style should reflect your personality.

With an open and authentic approach to style, I curate wardrobes using a unique style-blueprint, that offers you total comfort, stays within your style personality, and produces long-lasting quality.

Either it be through a one-on-one styling session, a virtual style program, or an occasion style appointment, I look forward to connecting with you and helping you do business and life, IN STYLE!




Naomi Charice-Style Connoisseur