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Welcome to Black Friday!

It's SWEATER season!
And, what's better than an eye-catching, head-turning sweater? An eye-catching, head-turning sweater that's ON SALE!

N'Vyd Style: An EXCLUSIVE, Unique, and affordble way to STAND out!

N'Vyd Style; a brand that represents the BOSS in you!

How will YOU show up?

Your style personality is actually deeply internal. It reveals who you are in a way that is entirely unique to you while also lifting you up to be the best versions of yourself. Do you know your STYLE PERSONALITY? Which look is your favorite?

What our customers are saying.....

Excellent customer service. Fast shipping and I love the packaging. The items are reasonably priced. The owner does an excellent job coordinating the TOTAL outfit.I will continue to support this business.

Kisha Armstrong Ireland

The dress and jumpsuit I purchased for a friend birthday was not ONLY cute, and trendy, but the fit was very complementing for a plus size babe. N’Vyd Style answered a ton of questions I had on the garments, and even made suggestions that worked well for my friend. The garments arrived quickly, and she was pleased with the fabric and make of it. We will for sure be shopping with N’Vyd Style for years to come!

Michelle Boykin

Great customer service, received my package in a timely matter and I LOVED my order!

Stephanie Hobbs

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